House rules


House rules

House rules

Thank you for staying our beautiful resort. Our team will do their utmost to ensure a pleasant stay for you and all other guests. However, we need your help accomplishing this. Therefore, we would like to draw your attention to the following rules and regulations.


Visitors are welcome but are asked to report to reception upon arrival. Visitors are expected to have left the premises before 21:00. Deviation from this rule is only possible with permission from the resort manager. If visitors wish to stay overnight, this must also be reported to reception. Visitors are then registered as overnight guests, for which tourist tax needs to be paid. Dormio Resort Maastricht reserves the right to refuse (overnight) guests. Visitors must observe the rules set out in these regulations.



Football and other ball games are only permitted at designated areas. Use of park facilities is for the risk of the user.

The accommodation and garbage

All accommodations each have their own unique furniture. It is not permitted to take furniture outside, or to relocate (garden) furniture to other accommodations.

Guests are required to keep the rented property and the surroundings in a clean and orderly state. Waste must always be disposed in the designated containers. Please sort your waste as much as possible. Leaving waste bags outside it not permitted under any circumstance because of cleanliness and the possible attraction of vermin.

During your absence you must ensure that bicycles, toys etc. around the accommodation are tidied away and placed out of sight as much as possible. It is not permitted to place bicycles against the walls of your residence. It is not permitted to set up party tents. Drones are not allowed on or above the resort.



Pets are only allowed in some of our accommodations. Pets are not allowed in the pet free accommodations. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times while at the resort, apart from inside the residence itself, and must not in any way cause disturbance to other guests. Dogs may only be walked outside the resort. In case of ‘accidents’, the dog walker is required to ensure removal of the waste. Pets are not allowed in the public buildings, such as the swimming pool, café, food court, minimarket, etc.


(Night time) rest, noise disturbance and nuisance

Guests are required to behave and to avoid all forms of behaviour that may reasonably offend or cause nuisance to other guests. The guests’ night’s rest must be respected during the hours of 23:00 and 07:00, which means amongst other things no music nor loud noises, and not to use the outdoor jacuzzi's after 23:00. We expect our guests to strictly observe the rules in this respect. It is not permitted to use radios, music equipment, musical instruments or other potentially nuisance causing objects in such a way that nuisance is caused. Nuisance complaints reported by staff or reception may cause additional costs to your party.



Dormio Resort Maastricht reserves the right to have (cleaning) activities carried out around the accommodation from 08:00 onwards. Urgent technical malfunctions, which have been reported to reception, will be dealt with as soon as possible. Dormio Resort Maastricht always has the right to enter any rented accommodation for inspection or maintenance activities, with or without notification. When possible Dormio Resort Maastricht will announce such visits.



We kindly request to park your car(s) in the parking space(s) assigned to your rented holiday home. Only these cars are allowed entrance to the resort. Remaining cars and cars from the apartments must be parked at the main parking lot, located at the resort’s entrance. You are not allowed to park your car in the road or anywhere on the grass. In case of emergency, the emergency services must be able to reach all accommodations quickly and without obstruction. Parking in and around the resort is at your own risk. Dormio Resort Maastricht is not liable for damage, loss or theft of your belongings. 
Electric vehicles may only be charged at the designated charging stations at the general parking, P1. Charging on the mains of your holiday accommodation is not permitted. 



The use of grills and/or barbeques is only allowed on the paved terraces of your holiday home, not inside or on the (garden)table. We also like to ask to keep the comfort of other guests in mind and limit the hindrance of smoke and unwanted smells.

The fire place is not suitable for the burning of wood or other materials. You may only use the pressed blocks, which can be bought at the minimarket. Electrical or water installations brought onto the resort must comply with all legal requirements. If a fire starts under any circumstances whatsoever, the guest must raise the alarm immediately to enable the fire to be extinguished as quickly as possible. And of course, stay aware of your and other people’s safety while dealing with (open) fire.

We kindly request to lock the (back)doors, close all windows and turn off all and any lights in your absence.


General regulations

All guests are required to behave in such manner that they do not cause any form of disturbance. Please enjoy your stay at our resort and let other guest enjoy the tranquillity as well. All guests are required to strictly observe the regulations and to follow the instructions of Dormio Resort Maastricht’s employees or, if present, security personnel, issued in whatever form or context.

Smoking is prohibited in your apartment or holiday home. You may only smoke on the outside terrace, while keeping the comfort of other guests in mind. Please dispose of cigarette butts properly in ashtrays or designated bins.



Dormio Resort Maastricht is entitled deduct any costs from the retained deposit. Complaints from other guests or staff members regarding your behaviour, noise disturbances and/or vandalism can lead to removal of the resort and/or deduction of your deposit. Dormio Resort Maastricht reserves the right, regardless of who in your party is the cause, to settle any costs by damage, additional efforts of staff or vandalism with the guarantor.